Iced Tea…again.

The recipe for the original tea is here (


I’ve made a few adjustments as we decided that it wasn’t Lemony enough..for our taste we’d got the sweetness right (although it could possibly go less I don’t want to mess with too many things at once (I said this would be a work in progress).

So for the Lemon tea I did 300mls of Lemon (I had planned more but out of the bag of lemons only yielded that much juice!!! Steaming mad).

I left the 8 teabags to steep for 10 minutes this time because we thought the tea didn’t have a particularly evident tea taste when it had cooled down (bit of an advantage if you are wanting iced tea) and whilst the whole 8 litres was steeping I had an infusion ball  (you know one of those little balls you can put tea leaves in) with the grated zest of the lemon to infuse into the tea as well.

After it had infused I then I split the 8 litres in half, To one half I added the 300mls of Lemon juice and to the other half I added 300mls of Orange juice (again it’s what I got out of the oranges I had) and in that mix I added the Cinnamon stick and cloves.

Now it’s sitting and cooling in the bottle before it goes into the fridge…so I still don’t know what the outcome is…yet.



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