One egg to every 100g (31/2oz)Flour (00 tipo if you can get it but I’ve found strong bread flour with a little semolina added isn’t too bad as a substitute…I’m just saying if you can’t get the 00).

Make a well in the flour and break the eggs into it and then with your hands break up the eggs and incorporate the flour into the eggs.

Once it’s all mixed together then knead the mix till you have a dough.

Wrap the dough in cling film and put it in the fridge for half an hour before you start to use it.

I like making pasta I find it relaxing – you can either use a manual pasta machine …I love mine it’s got all sorts of attachments: Tagliatelli; Ravioli (square); Ravioloni (triangular Ravioli basically), Cannellonil; Capelli D’angleo (angel hair); Linguini….I’ll take some pictures of it sometime (it’s lovely).

The other is a pasta attachment on a mixer like a KitchenAid …which funnily enough I also have Rolling on the floor laughing

 So last night for tea we had Cannelloni stuffed with a mix of Ricotta, onion, Leek, Bacon and a bit of my homemade Cheddar added in as well. On top of that a cheese sauce with a mix of cheeses (including my Mozzarella) and then baked for half an hour or so.

I have to say it was really rich and needed something else to break that up (to be honest it was too rich). Today I had some for lunch and put a bit of pizza base sauce on top…it was lovely and just what I suspected it cut through all that cheese…Yum!


2 responses to “Pasta…

  1. I like making noodles. I have a hand crank pasta press.

  2. I have a hand cranked one as well which I love (it’s got all sorts of attachments which I use as well)….I love making pasta by hand I find it very therapeutic but just for one off meals I crack out the KitchenAid…although to be honest the only difference it’s not you winding the rollers it doesn’t make it any quicker.

    We are getting around 40 eggs a day now and it’s only spring so numbers are going to go up…even if we sell most there’s always plenty for pasta 🙂

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