The little paddock…..

had been completely decimated by the pigs and so we left it over the winter to recover a bit as we fenced the pigs off into a smaller area (beyond the wooden fence).

We have decided to have a break from pigs for a while so after the three that are up there at the moment have gone we’re not going to have any more up there for the foreseeable future…they are just such a lot of work (well certainly for T).

So out came the rotary hoe (or as J used to call it when he was little the “Righty ho”..cute eh?) and T turned over the small paddock…a load of grass seed later and a bit of rain and hopefully we’ll see some  green back there…..well anyway the chickens thought it was a good idea so at least if we get no green the chooks got something out of it …time will tell on that one!!


Hopefully we will see greenery here soon as the plan is that Magnus will have this paddock to live in…so we can decide when he is going to be Magnus the great  Winking smile ,

Once the pigs have gone then we’ll re-seed that area as well because at the moment it’s pretty much the same as this one.


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