Another new addition…..

Introducing our latest addition…handsome isn’t he?DSC02870

He is a Gotland ram and as far as I know he hasn’t got a name (well one that’s been used regularly to him)….so keeping in with the Gotland theme I have decided that from now on he will be known as Magnus – it’s a Swedish name meaning Great…lets hope he turns out to be just that (well in the dad department anyway).

Unfortunately for him we had “the thug”  stay here before he came to live here so the girls haven’t been very receptive to his attentions….I just hope he doesn’t get a complex!!

He is part of the longer term project of producing sheeps cheese…Feta being one. I had planned on using Gordon (who was an East Friesian / Awassi cross)  to do this but he didn’t make it to produce any lambs and so Magnus is going to have to do the deed and see what sort of milk production comes from pure Gotlands…be interesting if nothing else.

In the meantime Magnus is strutting his stuff around out place (and getting no where bless him!).


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