Angrybirds…The Sheep Edition….

I had a wander out this evening as I hadn’t seen my sheep all day …had my usual natter with the lovely Baarbara and Frejya (who is hauntingly so like her mother Edda who passed away this winter).



Whilst the girls and I were having a natter I could hear the plovers making a heck of a noise in the paddock….the reason….


LOL…. they were going absolutely crazy at him…he’d back off and they would relax…so he’d step forward and off they would go at him again….one of them was jumping up and pecking at his nose!!!


Why….because the boof head was nearly stood on their baby!!!!

  DSC02868    DSC02866

Poor little thing was so well camouflaged and was as still as can be with it’s poor parents going nuts at LOL…..sheesh he’s such a wind up merchant!

I shouted to him to come over and so he left the poor Plover family alone…no doubt to wind something else up Eye rolling smile


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