Wild Rabbit / Hare stew.

Now whilst I’ve been busy doing snack bars hubby’s gone off this morning with his mate to go shooting rabbits / hares.

Someone was asking about a nice recipe for rabbit stew…here’s the one I like…


2 wild rabbits, skinned and jointed
250g salted pork belly or pancetta, cut into chunky cubes
1 tablespoon olive oil
1 large onion, thickly sliced
3 large carrots – I cut them into large chucks.
4 celery sticks again large chunks
2 bay leaves
A sprig of thyme, if handy
500ml cider or red wine (a nice Merlot)
1 generous teaspoon honey (I use Manuka but any nice heavily flavoured honey will do the job)
Salt and freshly ground black pepper


Fry the pork belly / panchette till the fat runs (do this slowly) then take that meat out and put it in the slow cooker
Brown the rabbit in the pork fat
Fry the onions …sweat them so they don’t go brown then put them and everything else into the slow cooker as well.
Mix them all around and then pack them down
Pour the cider over the top and then if you need to add enough water to cover the whole lot.
Add the honey and seasoning. Then put it on and cook as you would a stew in the slow cooker.
or you can do it on top of the stove…bring it to a simmer, cover then turn down and cook for about an hour and a half…keep on a low simmer.

I usually do multiple amounts of the same recipe, stick it in my big stew pot bring it to the simmer and then cook the whole lot in the oven (low temp about 120) for a couple of hours or until the rabbit is falling apart.

This makes quite a thin gravy so if you like it thicker when you fry the onions put in a bit of flour and that goes towards thickening the gravy


2 responses to “Wild Rabbit / Hare stew.

  1. This sounds AMAZING! I would love to be able to get more (any) wild meat in my area.

  2. Normally we are able to get a pretty good supply…unfortunately not today!! Ah well next time 🙂

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