No surprises for what we’re going to be having for tea..I’m feeling very productive today!!


  • 10 litres of milk stir in 3 3/4 teaspoons Citric Acid
  • Heat to 95º.
  • Once it’s at that temp put in the rennet (I use Renco) for this amount of milk and with the Renco 7 mls .
  • Stir for 30 seconds.
  • Once it’s stopped swirling then leave it to sit for 3 minutes to let the curds develop.
  • Cut the curds into cubes making sure you cut all the way to the bottom of the pan.


  • Next lift the curds out of the pan and put them in a glass bowl and drain off as much of the whey as possible (put it back into the pan ..don’t thrown them away).
  • Knead the curds and drain more whey off. This is the time to add a good pinch of salt to the curds.

The curds should start coming together but as they cool it will get more difficult. Pop them in the microwave and heat them on high for 30 seconds (or a double boiler would do if you don’t have a microwave but I’m sorry I don’t know how long it would take to heat the curds)

Keep kneading them until they can be formed into a ball that has a smooth and shiny surface and you’re done.

After I have made the Mozzarella ball I put it straight into a brine solution as I’ve found if you put them on a tray or plate or something they tend to flatten out in brine they float and keep their shape…but that’s just my personal preference.

So later tonight Pizza ..having been so productive today though I’m going to cheat and use prepared bases (I got them from a local pizza company who were selling them for $1 each for a pack of 3 I can’t make them that cheap and the time saved ..oy !!

Oh and of course the whey is now draining for more Ricotta (apparently the whey from Mozzarella produces one of the better Ricotta’s – I like them all)..well it had to be done didn’t it? DSC02839


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