Lemon Tea again……


I’ve been making the tea again …why???…..because I decided I wanted to get a bit more scientific about things so I can produce something we like consistently. T and I both like to do this when we make something after having had times when we made something we really liked then couldn’t remember exactly what we used and the exact quantities (nothing more frustrating!!).

So one of my stew pots came out, crack out the Lab coat Nerd smile and off I went.

I decided I would use sugar syrup so I could be quite definite about the amount I was using

To make the syrup: I used a ratio of 2 :1 – that’s 2 of sugar to one of water.

After a bit of fiddling the recipe I have come up with is this. I used 8 litres of water  but the numbers very conveniently were able to be easily divided to make up 2 litres so I’ve done the recipe to make that.

To make the Iced Lemon Tea: 

  • 2 litres of water (brought to the boil)
  • 2 tea bags (I used a brand called Kenya Bold which is what I use on a daily basis but a nice strong tea I think is what is needed so whatever you have in that department).
  • 70mls of Lemon juice, preferably fresh.    
  • 200mls of sugar syrup (the great thing with this is if you do it this way you can add more or less and personalise your recipe dependent on your tastes)

Once the water is boiling turn off the heat, and then pop in the tea bags. Leave them to steep for 8 minutes (I liked this as when I did it with 8 litres it was 8 litres, 8 teabags, 8 minutes…how easy to remember was that!!)…anyhoo don’t leave them for more than 10 minutes because apparently as that point the tea can become bitter..I don’t know if that was true but I didn’t want to test the theory.

Take the teabags out and then add the lemon juice and the sugar syrup….and that’s it….easy peasy.


As a variation I kept 2 litres back and added to this a cinnamon stick, 1 clove (no more as, unless you like cloves, it could taste too medicinal) and 3 slivers of crystallised Ginger (I made a little while ago), then brought that back to a boil and turned the heat off and left it to infuse.

I think I possibly like this variation more than the plain old Lemon tea.

Just out of interest I did a few sums.

Bottle of prepared Lemon tea (the one I looked at was $4.75 for 1.75l) = 27 cents per 100mls.

To make our own $4.35 (to make 8 litres) to make 2 litres $1.09 and you still get more than with the prepared one for less than a quarter of the price.

  • Lemons $2
  • 225g sugar = 45c
  • Tea bags= 12.5c
    = 5.5cents per 100mls.

Even if you count in power to heat the water you won’t get anywhere near the cost of buying it pre prepared….I like that.


2 responses to “Lemon Tea again……

  1. Storm is passed now. I could use some lemon tea right now. Things are getting hot again. We had a few days break with the strom. Thanks for sharing.

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