We’ve had a bit of rain….

I don’t have a waterside house …..this is our back lawn ~ we’ve had a bit of rain (now that has to be my biggest understatement for 2012).


It started to rain and it kept on coming…for 3 days..now I’m sorry but I think that’s a bit much !!



In case it’s not obvious…..we don’t have a pond or a river running through our paddocksDSC02709….


At least the ducks have enjoyed it …because I’ve got a bunch of sheep and a couple of cows who are very unimpressed!!!!


2 responses to “We’ve had a bit of rain….

  1. Try to stay high and dry. Planted the cellery in some dirt today. It is about 3 inches tall now. I take it is early spring rain for you.

  2. Glad to hear the celery is going well..it’s good for the children isn’t it because it grows quickly…
    Thank you …yes we are almost in Spring (another couple of weeks)…its been a pretty mild winter for us but the past week the rain!!! We are lucky we’ve stayed dry….long may it last.

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