Making Sausage casings…

We killed a couple of pigs and obviously part of the process means you’re left with a whole bunch of intestines….So  there were sausage casings to be made….Oh my glamorous life LOL!!

We make our own sausage casings for a few reasons ..

  • It uses as much of the animal as we possibly can which we like to do..we take seriously rearing our meat and we take seriously that a little gets wasted as possible.
  • It saves us money as buying already processed cases is pretty costly and so adds to the cost of the end of product.
  • Natural casings taste better than collagen ones (in our opinion) so the sausage tastes better.

So all in all it’s a no brainer for me.

First you run the casings through with water to make sure you wash them out and start off with them cleaned of any muck. After this they need to be turned inside out….I find the easiest way to do this is to put my finger in the end of the casing and then roll the end over so it looks like a cuff on a shirt. The I run water into that cuff (making sure I hold onto it) and the weight of the water pulls the casing through and turns it inside out.


After the casings are inside out then I start off scraping the casings with a knife (something like an everyday butter knife or dinner knife ..not too sharp) …this scrapes the lining of the intestine away. In the picture below you can see the casings to the left have had the lining scraped away and the right (in the collander) haven’t.DSC02641

I then turn inside out (or is that right side back) again and scrape them again before rinsing them out again….job done.

The picture below shows from right to left….unscraped…scraped after being turned inside out…scraped again after being turned inside out again…DSC02645

As I said already not glamorous…. but well worth it in my opinion.


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