Watched the opening ceremony for the Olympics this morning…I worked last night and so by the time I got home I had been awake since 3.30pm yesterday. Now the sensible thing would have been to go to bed and record it…well as you already aware because of my first statement I didn’t follow the sensible route I watched it……

What can I say …I know (because I’ve already seen they have appeared on the internet) that there will be reports focussing on the negative aspects of the performance…where they got it wrong…how it could have been done better…asking why they picked the music they did, set up choreography the way they did..blah…. blah….. blah..!!

Well I’m going to say now I LOVED IT!! I don’t care if it wasn’t quite right in places – to be honest I’m sick of people putting things under the microscope and pulling them apart. If you look for bad in something you’ll find it…but what’s wrong in seeing the good and being delighted with the effort that people put into producing something to entertain….

If you take it onto a smaller scale if you threw a party and then people picked it apart it would be seen as the height of rudeness and I guess I’m starting to feel like that about how the media report…I’m not saying that everything has got to be all nicey nice I’m not that naive but I’m getting sick of the negativity that seems to have become the norm in our lives…so I’m saying as a whole event I thought …


So thank you to the people who came up with the concept, thank you to all the people who built the whole thing from the ground up and were there in whatever capacity to make it the spectacle that it was.

Steve redgrave 2

I thought it was a really lovely touch that the Olympic torch was handed from the champions of previous Olympics to the Olympians of the future…it would have been so easy to let the celebrities light the flame but how much more inspiring to give that honour to the younger generation.

I nearly drove my eldest son mad trying to work out what the children were carrying as the teams entered the stadium…the “petals” weren’t obvious but at the end they came together and the effect was stunning. Olympic flame2

The whole thing made me feel quite emotional which I found really odd because I’m not a sports fanatic but the whole thing was such a spectacle and I do love the Olympics.

Now the teams …. this is where I have a dilemma…I am proud of my British heritage …I will always be proud I was born and bred in the UK and so I can’t deny that bit of me. All that being said –  NZ is my home and where I’ve now made my life and so from now on everything I do has got to be for NZ and to support NZ,…… Aotearoa all the way…seems a bit soft doesn’t it but it’s how I feel. So my dilemma is who do I support….

Team NZ Olympics 2012

Team GB

If I’m honest …Team GB vs  Anyone else but NZ then it’s Team GB all the way….Team GB vs NZ then I will be cheering on the Men and Women in Black.


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