Make your own cards…..

My dear friend and colleague is working her last night tonight…it won’t be the end of our contact but it will be the end of a routine we have got into…

She only lives about 5 minutes away from us (living a similar lifestyle) and our children are at the same school (they are a few years older than our little man ) and she worked 2 nights of my 4 …so we would drive in together and… Oh my the laughs we have had on those drives!!

But tonight is the last night…so I wanted to do something to mark the event…a card and some cake (hey it’s what I know …so why change the habits of a lifetime).

I made a card because I think it’s more personal ..I’m not the greatest card maker on the planet but I try ~ I think she’ll like it..


We’ll see about the cake Smile with tongue out


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