Waste not want not….

What do you do with the bottom of celery when you’ve sorted out that bunch you bought from the store …,,,well you can either peel each stick off one at a time then chop the bit off at the bottom or you can chop the bottom off in one…

What to do them…biff it into the compost bin?….Nooooo grow yourself some more celery this way it just keeps on giving Smile


After about a week…..it’s started to grow again.


After about another week…pop it into a pot of soil and then it won’t be long before you can start eating it…It really does work ….YAY!!


4 responses to “Waste not want not….

  1. cool!! I like that idea. I am going to try it. The kids will love seeing it grow.

  2. It works out pretty well as they grow quite quickly so keeps their interest.. 🙂

  3. I have one started in a shallow dish. I made ham salad this morning and cut the celery like in your picture. I will post it as it grows on my blog. We will see how green my thumb is. And thanks for stopping by my place.

  4. Look forward to seeing how it goes…I love reading your blog and the history around the recipes / food.

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