The end of an era…..

This is Girlie (she was originally called Barby and the 3 steers that were with her we called the Q’s..Barby and the Q’s…get it Winking smile)

Anyway she was one of the cattle we bought with the property when we moved here….61/2 years ago.

She, along with the others, were destined for the freezer  – although we did wonder about whether we would breed from her. That never eventuated and somehow, probably because she was really well behaved and showed the others what to do, she just stayed and stayed.

Girlie is now 8 years old and really really big…I mean BIG!…the picture below is of her stood next to our 18 month old Jersey so gives you an idea.


As they say though all good things must come to an end and  we have had to make the decision to move her on to pastures new …literally.

She has got too big for us to even consider putting her in the freezer …there really is only so much beef you can eat in a year and she far exceeds that …yes she is getting on but she would still be OK to eat or she can be used as breeding stock (it’s something I would have liked to have done with her if I’m honest I would think she would have produced some lovely calves)…

Anyway today she went off to her new home…about 45 minutes away from us. It really does feel like the end of an era for us …she’s been here with us from the start but we’ve had to be practical (maybe that’s one of the things I don’t like about this life if I’m honest).



I hope that whatever happens they do appreciate her because she’s one heck of a cow.


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