Anyone for….Archery ?

Our youngest is an outgoing little bod in many ways …he recently decided he would like to have a go at Archery….so he duly went to the local hunting and fishing shop and bought himself a little junior bow and has been shooting it into the bales of hay in the barn…we do have a few worried looking chooks and the cats have sensibly kept out of the way but he has been out there shooting away to his hearts content.

Anyhoo my OH decided he would have a look around at archery clubs an lo and behold there is one not 10 minutes away from us so said young man was very keen to have a go.


and he was even more pleased when he had some success YAY!!!….his arrow is the one which is stuck in the yellow centre of the boss (Oh yeah I can do archery speakWinking smile).

So he has now decided he would like to go back. I think it’s a good idea it will give him something different to do, he’ll meet different people (none of his friends from school go there) and it’s something different to do but still requires discipline and patience so he’ll learn other things as well as how to use a bow and arrow.


Watch this space…..


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