The Tooth Fairy has been to visit….


Last night smaller son was eating his tea when his tooth came out….THANK GOODNESS!!! …..He’s been waiting for it to come out for the past 2 weeks!!

It’s been getting wigglier and wigglier ..he nearly drove me insane asking when I thought it was going to come out 🙂

So, as he always does now, he put his tooth into the thumb pot he made at school (purpose built for the job of holding teeth for collection I have been informed) and last night Lo and behold the Tooth Fairy bless her heart duly picked up the tooth and left the princely sum of $2….much to the delight of said small person.

Just as well because the last time the slacker forgot to come..ahem…actually the story goes she didn’t have room in her bag for all the teeth that night so she had to come the next….this time however she was much more organised and Mr Tooth Fairy popped in and did the pick up 😉


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