More cakes …..

Following on about the posts I have made about cakes I though perhaps I would put up the pictures of a couple of others I have made…I had written a page about cakes but I think I am going to just put them in as posts instead.

Generally I like making stuff..all kinds of stuff…I will give anything a bash and I’m sure there have to be limits to what you can do with most things but generally I’m of the give it a go variety and see what happens. Now with food,  as far as I’m concerned, anything goes until it’s proven itself to me that it doesn’t..I’m severely hampered by lack of bits and bobs equipment wise and of course skill !! but I give it a go.

I absolutely love making things for other people…nothing makes me happier than when I make something for someone else and they are pleased with it. For me making a cake is something I love doing (not exclusively I might add but it’s up there) . Perhaps at times my enthusiasm exceeds my skill but my heart’s in the right place although not always my ability !!

When money has been tight (which thanks to the good old recession has occurred rather more often than I would have liked!) it is a gift that has been from the heart rather than from the wallet. Making a cake isn’t the easy option though it can take hours and it’s getting something for the theme that’s relevant to the person…..children are great because every year they provide you with so many things they love you can’t go wrong (well unless you try doing something way out of your league).

I don’t have any special equipment I make do with what I have to hand so sometimes I will adapt things to fit with the bits and bobs I have available to actually make the cake in the first place….It’s amazing what you can do with a veggie knife and a wooden spoon!

Quite often my gift to someone for a special occasion has been the cake…I just like doing them and making it something personal to them..hopefully long after the event has passed I hope the thoughts about “that cake” somewhere in the place memories get stored.

I do cakes primarily with fondant …to me it’s like plastercine for grown ups LOL!! It’s generally very forgiving when you are making something…and if you really don’t like your creation..well you can scrunch it up and chuck it away!

So to follow will be a few of the cakes I’ve made so you can see what I get up to when I’m not working….. I’ll write about them separately so when I come to organise things later it will be easier …. hey it is all about me after all LOL !!


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