I can make you thin…..

Well I’m a week on since I thought I would try Paul McKenna’s method for “reprogramming” yourself with regard to food….

I have lost 700g…

Now that may not seem like a huge amount (1.5lbs) ……BUT…….and it’s a big but (no puns intended there LOL!!) I have really pushed the boat out so to speak with regard to testing this theory…I wanted to get it out of my system that I can truly eat what I want, when I’m hungry, consciously and stop when I’m full…..and I have!!!

Nothing but nothing has been off the list…sausage rolls, Hot cross buns, ice cream, chips…the list goes on!!! I have stuck to the four rules but I have not eaten particularly healthily this week…I know it seems a little bit daft but I just wanted to see if you could really eat anything and still lose weight…well this week it seems to have supported that theory. Now I know if someone was going to get all scientific on my this “trial” wouldn’t stand up to empirical testing but I’m an overweight woman in my 40’s  so I could care less about that…what I do care about is that psychologically Mr McKenna has enabled me to see that food doesn’t have to be my arch nemesis…if that could be an ongoing thing in my life then he has achieved what I have been trying to for ages and for that I will be truly grateful.

If not then I gotta say that CD even if it doesn’t get me to lose weight has given me some of the best sleeps I have had in a long time!!!

So I will keep on logging my weight loss journey good and bad..the great thing is now I will not be keeping a diary of every little bit of food I put near my mouth ..I will just be keeping in mind those 4 rules….much simpler I hope.


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