Well that’s the name she has so far…courtesy of Josh…hopefully she won’t turn out to be something completely different !!

She’s a bit blown away today by all the travelling …she came up from Invercargill which is about 8 hours away from Christchurch but because the lights on the truck and trailer crapped out and they had to sort that out first she didn’t get to Christchurch until late last night.

So this morning bright and early (well not early but after we dropped Josh off to school)..we went and picked her up for the last bit of her journey in a horse float from a local hire company.

She loaded pretty well (doubled back once but can you blame her!?) and then out the other end backed herself out no problems.

For now she’s in the cattle yard until we get a chance to know here a bit better and make sure she’s OK (eyes are a bit runny so want to keep her separate from the others for a little while). Bale of hay and she’s sorted for now.


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