Lily…our house cow

Well hopefully she will be our house cow in the next couple of years…..that’s the plan anyway. She is currently only 6 months old so she has a little way to go yet to actually achieve that status but you got to start somewhere haven’t you?

She is still very wee but she is also very cute. She was very skittish when we first got her (not surprisingly really as she had been in a field with a mob of calves and not handled much)…but feed pellets are a wonderful thing…and now amazingly she is extremely friendly after only a couple of weeks.

Lily is a Jersey x Friesian – although the Friesian seems to have got lost somewhere she is so small….she’ll do me just fine though and in a couple of years I won’t have to work out where to get raw milk from to make cheese because I will have it on my doorstep … bet I am….now we just need to halter train her so she walks nicely to get milked (obviously better to do it now while she’s little)….so onto hubby now to make a halter for her.



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