Courgette and Stilton soup

3 Courgettes
1 onion
1 medium potato
knob of butter
vegetable stock
  • Chop the onion and potato and sweat in the butter over a low heat while you prepare the courgettes. 
  • Half and slice the courgettes and add to the pot. 
  • Cover with vegetable stock (or you can use water and 1 tsp of veg boullion) and simmer until the potato is cooked and to the point it can be mashed. 
  • Remove from heat and blend until smooth. 

If you want to freeze this soup then this is the time to do it before the cheese is added.

  • Add the Stilton – the amount is personal taste obviously. Crumble the cheese in and stir – it will melt into the soup. 


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