Zucchini / Courgettes in cheese sauce (Courgettes au Gratin – if you want to be posh)

Courgettes – chopped and steamed until they are part cooked (or however you want to cook them till they are part cooked)

Onion – finely chopped and lightly fired

Cheese sauce enough to cover the lot

Cheese – enough to give a good topping.

Now I have deliberately not put quantities because it is a recipe that can be easily increased / decreased  depending on how many you are cooking for. I make my own Cheese sauce but it could just as easily be made with packet mixes if making your own sauce is not your thing.

I usually work on 1 1/2 courgettes per person and 1 medium onion for 2 people.

Put it all together and then pop it in an oven at 180 deg until the cheese is brown and bubbling.

Goes great with Pork chops or chicken (well that’s my favourite anyway).


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