This recipe was one of those things that came about from a conversation that went something like….
Friend – “I’ve got so many courgettes I don’t know what to do with them!…can we have a play with your jam maker this afternoon”
Me – “Yep OK…whatcha fancy doing with them?”
Friend – ” Well I was wondering whether we could make Christmas mincemeat”
Me – ” What replace the mixed peel with courgettes?”
Friend – ” Something like that ….do you think it would work?”
Me – ” Well there’s only one way to find out …I’ll stick the kettle on and see you soon :)”
After a while of mucking about and adding bits of this and that…we agreed it was a winner…made mince pies and took them to work…no one knew any different….bonus!
1kg Courgettes
500g Raw Sugar
600g Sultanas (you can add mixed peel if you want into that amount)
2tbsp Coarse Marmalade (any flavour will do)
2tbsp Mixed Spice
1tbsp Ground Cloves
3tbps Whiskey / Brandy / Amaretto
Pop it in a pan and bring to a boil..turn down to a low boil and leave for about 45 minutes stirring frequently. Once you get to the gloopy look (hope that’s not too technical for you)…and into sterilised jars.

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