The future….well the future for our sheep anyway.

This is Cara…and her 3 babies ! 2 ewe lambs Roquie (Roquefort), Serra (Serra da Estrela) and a ram lamb Gordon (Gordonzola!)..the theme was to stay with cheese….well there had to be a bit of license somewhere..easier to shout Gordon than Gorgonzola all the time when you want him.

Anyhoo….Gordon is ours – my lovely friend Lyndal said if there was a ram born I could have him and so there he is (one looking at the grass). He was born on the 1st September and we are going to leave him as a ram.

The reason for this is because we want to get into trying to achieve some milk producing sheep. Gotlands produce a fair bit of milk each day but not as much as a good milk breed. So Gordon (who is an Awasi x East Fresian) is hopefully going to add his genes to the pool and hopefully have something to do with us producing something that does….we’ll wait and see. It’s going to be a way away but you have to start somewhere …it’ll be interesting to see and time will tell.


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