Winter Solstice (Part 1)…18th June 2011

Saturday we had a little get together with a few friends to celebrate the coming of the shortest day…

Mulled Wine kicked off the proceedings…that to me is quintessentially winter…the warmth of the wine, those heady spices…..YUM!

Our friends have a mutual love of food and where it comes from so the menu was a collaboration, everyone making something towards the meal…

                              Pate to start (a mix of Chicken liver, Venison and Lamb)                            

Toasted Ciabatta


Roast Leg of Venison

Leg of Lamb

Chicken with Cranberry and Walnut stuffing

Roast Vegetables with Chickpeas

Roast Potatoes


Sticky Toffee Pudding

Banana cake with Lemon Icing

Christmas Pudding


Lemon Meringue pie

Served with fresh cream or Ice cream

I don’t know how everyone else found it …they all said they had a lovely evening, but I had a lovely time.

Our little one and I had made some tea light holders out of tin cans which we lit after the meal for a short while – he was delighted as he had been able to help (he was in charge of handing me the cans and once I had punched the pattern onto them he took them to the bathroom to thaw the ice out of them…both VERY important jobs). It was a pity that it was a bit too cold to have them outside and be able to see them to their full glory but that will come in the future as we would like to build somewhere outside where we could put a fire pit or some sort of fire so we can sit around it in the evenings and still be reasonably warm….it’s not high on the list of priorities though as it’s not something we would be doing a great deal but’s it’s a “would like to”.

Anyway a good evening was had by all which was the main thing…out friends little boy G who is 2 years old discovered his love of Pate…MARVELLOUS…start em young I say!


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