Wednesday 15th June 2011

This morning we had done the usual and got our son off to school when the phone went…the Police!

They had been called because supposedly we had taken the puppy without permission!!!  Mmmm now there’s a surprise…thought that the money she wanted would take over from the care of the dog….laughable really when you consider she had told us to re-home him or she would have to have him shot!

Well the end result was we paid the money to cover the cost of the vaccinations. I took the money round to that nasty vile woman, told her what I thought of her and that she was never to contact us again as we weren’t running a dog sitting service for her when she can’t cope. I suggest in future if she has problems she contact the SPCA because if she doesn’t I will.

So….he is now the vaccination card and have changed all the details on his microchip including his name …new name.

So welcome to the family Diesel. 


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