Monday 13th June …Here we go again!

Well what can I say today has been …interesting…??? Actually that’s not the word that I would use ordinarily!

This morning I got in from work and was absolutely shattered…Sorted out our boy for school ….hubby was just about to leave to drive to school and I was just about to go to bed when the phone went.

Without going into too much detail (because I don’t want any repercussions) we went and picked another of the puppies that were the result of our breeding Jack…long story but the bottom line was it needed to be re-homed.

Our neighbour’s lost their dog a few weeks ago after he was run over and so we asked them first but no luck there…trouble is he is now coming up for 22 weeks and to add to the problems the stupid woman still wants some money for him…I don’t think I’m speaking out of turn there and anyway I’ve told her that so it’s not a secret what my personal opinion is! (I don’t say things behind someone’s back I wouldn’t say to their face).

He is a lovely little boy and we have already pretty much decided that if we can’t find him a home then we’ll keep him……anyway……

Finally got to bed at just after 11am only to be rudely awakened by the house shaking for all it was worth!!…

Yep today was the day there was going to be another set of shakes to grab everyone’s attention. There had been a couple of largish shakes starting with a 4.3, then a 5.6 and a 4.4 along with some lesser shakes in the 2’s and 3’s before this but this was the one that woke me up… it started off being scaled as a 6 but was upgraded to a 6.3 later.

Back to square one would be the thing to say for a lot of the areas it hit, with regard to damage and liquefaction reappearing…Roads looking like rivers filled with grey sludge once more. Those poor people living there and doing the clean up, or both! I just feel for them so so much. It must be so demoralising to just start to get some semblance of order and then it’s all gone in a matter of seconds.

So 3 hours sleep and I got up because there was no point in staying in bed to be honest….

No luck with re-homing the pup as yet.


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