Rammy’s here !

My lovely friend has very kindly let us borrow her ram for a few weeks……well we want some lambs in the spring.

Wanted to get a Gotland ram but not one available at the moment, so we decided that we would go with Rammy who is a Cormo. It will be interesting to see what sort of fleece the lambs produce.

Anyhoo on Monday just gone… in he came in the trailer looking all, well ramlike (is that even a word?) …you know looking quite majestic and once the trailer came to a standstill stamping his foot. Admittedly he was a bit hacked off as he had managed to evade being loaded onto the trailer the day before but after being lassoed he had been manhandled there.

He jumped out of the trailer and proceeded to strut his stuff in the paddock with all of the others looking on at him…….I’ve got no idea what was going through their minds (wouldn’t even want to imagine what a sheep thinks about).

Anyway he strutted up to Baarbara and stood in front of him with this kind of “Hey there, how manly am I?” air about him…..and what did Baarbara do…SHE HEADBUTTED HIM!!!!! …..Welcome to our humble abode Mr Rammy!!!

The look on his face was an absolute picture but before the poor bugger could gather his thoughts and process what was going on she did it again…not once but twice. It was at that point he backed off looking sheepish (Oh come on it had to be done! LOL). I think the message was very clear ……..You may be full of testosterone and think you are all that but here…I’m in charge buddy, Bless Baarbara she is a one off.

He has had time to settle in now (even after the cow chased him!)…so hopefully he will now spend a bit of time doing what he came here for without any major injury befalling him. If it all goes horribly wrong he might be keen to jump in the trailer to get away from here….time will tell.


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