Maybe not just me….

There was a thing appeared in the news here yesterday …a bunch of workers seen gardening in the middle of the red zone of Christchurch. I don’t know that I really get this either but it seems neither do a lot of other people…..

“….a Christchurch flower show judge said the City Care workers should be commended for working in potentially dangerous situations.

Ellerslie International Flower Show judge Rachel Vogan said she understood the frustrations of those businesses who could not access the red zone. However, she said maintenance of the gardens which had survived the February earthquake would help the city recover and make the CBD an attractive place to be once again”….

The photographer, who did not want to be identified, described the whole thing as “surreal”.

There you go…it’s not just me!!!! Did I not say this only a couple of days ago about the traffic lights!

What is the point in doing the gardening if before the CBD is rebuilt the buildings come down and squash them or in the remodelling of the CBD that particular bit of greenery is not needed there.

I would have thought the City Care workers would have been better employed somewhere else in the scheme of things…...

“City councillor Yani Johanson said he could understand why some business owners would be frustrated at a gardening team being in the red zone.

I personally can’t see the logic in this unless it costs more to break the contractual arrangements rather than do the minimal maintenance, Johanson said.

I would’ve thought that there are bigger and more important priorities, like building stopbanks to prevent flooding, getting drains and roads fixed, and preparing local parks for sports and recreational activities, than to be doing a bit of gardening in the CBD.”

– The Press

Wonder if anyone will say anything though………..and has anyone heard of renegotiating contracts in exceptional circumstances or is that too sensible!


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