Is this weird…..

Or is this just me???

Today we had to go into town…just what I wanted to do when I feel like cr@p..

Anyway we had to go into town so hubby drove and I sat and watched the world go by feeling like nothing on earth (and possibly feeling a bit sorry for myself…..I don’t do being unwell very well at all!).

Anyway I digress we were at the junction in Christchurch where the Knox Church is and I just thought the whole thing was a bit surreal…Christchurch is in disarray and there are these two guys painting the traffic light pole bright yellow….WHAT IS THAT ABOUT??

Does that seem weird or is it just me? I know things have to be maintained but I seem to remember they were yellow last week when I was in there and they didn’t look too bad (considering they have survived an earthquake)…isn’t there something else the money and time could have been spent on first…I wish I understood the machinations of council maintenance…ti could be there is a totally logical explanation for it – in which case I will happily stand corrected but at the moment I’m at a loss.


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