Wellywood….what the ……???

So the latest great piece of 21st Century thinking……

You know the famed Hollywood sign up in the hills of Los Angeles..you an see as you fly into LA? Well some bright spark working in Wellington Airport thought it would be good to have a sign in the hills of Miramar (these are visible as you fly into Wellington in much the same way …only closer).

They wanted something to show what a great  place New Zealand and specifically the capita, has become for the film industry….What do they want to do …they want to put up a smaller version of those famous white letters to read….WELLYWOOD.

I don’t have any great feelings on it as I don’t live in Wellington anymore (so I’m not directly affected by it) but on the other hand it doesn’t just speak for Wellington it does kind give an impression of New Zealand….  What on earth are they thinking? Do they want the whole world to think that New Zealand is a bit of a joke – hey if that’s the aim whoever the dunce was that thought it up has hit the nail right on the head and no doubt will be laughing all the way to the bank when their salary goes in!

I’m sorry …you have a country produce something as great in film terms as The Lord of the Rings and the remake of King Kong and then it comes up with this ………all I am going to say is Oh dear….


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