Ducky Day

Ducky Day..the first Saturday of May.. is my name for Opening Day for the duck shooting here in New Zealand…it’s the day that my hubby and his mates plan for over the previous weeks, sorting out decoys, buying ammo etc…it’s like their big boys Christmas…all excited about getting up at stupid o’clock the following day so they can go out and have a blat. 

So yesterday off hubby went at silly o’clock …to be honest didn’t hear a thing…later on I woke up (maybe about 7am to the distance sound of guns going off…sort of a gentle thudding in the background.

The positive thing about Ducky Day is of course ducks! I love duck and so therefore I love Ducky Day. Not a great deal was caught but they had a great time, had a few ducks each and no doubt over the next 3 months there will more to add to the supply in the freezer.

They got back mid morning and after a hot coffee and something to eat on went the copper to heat up water… makes plucking a much easier job and although we have a duck plucker it doesn’t cope with goose very well and so we just find this easier.

In addition to the ducks we culled a few of our geese (they have multiplied in numbers and we need to keep those numbers down as they are voraciously eating the paddocks – they reckon 3 geese will eat the same amount of grass as a sheep!) by the end of the day we had a few geese and a couple of ducks YAY!

I then decided that we should have goose for dinner today so last night I got out the recupe books on cooking wild goose , which is essentially what ours are…we don’t feed them any grains they eat what they would in the wild and they choose to stay here. I have eaten goose before but never prepared it myself so really felt like I needed to have a read up on it. Wild geese have a much lower fat content than commercially raised geese so you need  to take that in consideration when your cooking them. Anyway I found a method which I thought looked like it would solve the problem….so into a bucket of brine it went flavoured with a little brown sugar and sat overnight in that.

Well I took it out of the brine this morning and made up a forcemeat. I used wholemeal bread, dried cranberries,  apple, walnuts herbs etc and it was cooked this evening and I have to say………. it was horrid!!!!!……….you thought I was going to say it was gorgeous didn’t you LOL! …..Well it wasn’t it was horrible.

Yes it had plenty of flavour but it was as tough as old boots. I don’t know if I did something wrong with the whole cooking thing (highly likely) or if it was just a rubbish goose. The forcemeat was delicious though and I’ll definitely be doing that again….not sure about goose though…I will probably give it a go again and try something different but I won’t have it as the only dish I will do something else in case the same thing happens again.

As I said I would tell about successes and failures – don’t think it’s hard to decide which category this one comes under.


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