We are in the process of sorting out the house (we have spent too long faffing about sorting out animals and neglecting our own home,so the time has well and truly come to get on with it. 

A little while ago we discovered we had borer…well when I say discovered I mean I sat on the couch and it dropped into a “bit of a dip” where there was a hole in the floor.We knew we had to do something about them when not long after I became aware that the lounge floor was getting a bit creaky…lots of crackling noises coming from under the carpet and I lost complete faith in that floor! Those wonderful little insects have been happily munching at the Rimu floorboards in our house….so…..we have made the decision to rip the floors up and replace them with something that the little lovies find less palatable.!

So got organised last week and hubby made a start……… 

 Looks pretty small doesn’t it?  mmmmmmmmmmm  well you know what they say looks can be deceiving…….

We knew that there was going to be a little bit more than that damaged (hubby had looked under the house) so hammers out started a bit of “renovation”  (that makes it sound so much better than demolition!). In the

 end they had eaten quite a bit…they obviously REALLY like Rimu . Pity because Rimu floorboards stripped down would have been lovely …but…. unfortunately our pockets don’t run to that so particle board it is….borer don’t like particle board because of all the glue in it……GOOD – I hope they try it and it chokes the little buggers !

They had into a few joists too so some were completely replaced and others that had some evidence of chewing but were still OK were braced with new joists (better safe than sorry). 

All I can say about this whole exeprience is whatever you do( if you have any idea you have borer in your house) don’t procrastinate they may be really small little things but they have enormous appetites! We think they have mainly enjoyed the delights of the old part of the house. Our house was a relocation – it was moved to our place in about 1975 but it’s a 1950’s building and I think they have been merrily munching away off and on through the decades. 

We started this wonderful process in Wednesday and hubby finished on Thursday night (I unfortunately missed the laying of the last board as I had to go to work but got a text at 22:45 saying I now had a new floor …YAY!)

I finished the painting at 1 o’clock on Saturday morning (while I watched the Royal wedding).

 So what was the rush …well with the exception of stopping the borer from eating everything in in sight….we had a bit of a do (late gathering for my birthday) so was kind of hoping it could be an occasion where we had a relaxed time and no one would fall through  the floor  haha!!

Prior to this I had visions of a bunch of people having a chilled out evening…small talk…and then BAM someone disappears  through a hole made especially for them by the borer !!!! 

 Anyway we were pleased with the end result and it was lovely hearing from everyone else what they thought too….it makes you appreciate your efforts – and when you have a major overhaul you realise how awful it was before !

 It’s still very basic at the moment but once we get pictures and things up it’ll be better… but so far it’s been really lovely…we had a change around of the couches etc and it’s made things seem so much bigger and yet cosier at the same time if that makes sense.

Now for the rest of the house..this may take some time…………..



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