How lucky am I ????

A colleague at work and I were discussing all things lifestyle and he asked me if I did weaving. Reply was obviously Nope but it’s on the bucket list…would love to but at the moment finances just don’t run to that.

Well I am wanting to get into spinning so the next step, other than knitting, would be to learn to weave. I’ve got the spinning wheel and when I’ve got myself sorted and sussed out how to spin the wool then the next thing logically will be to use it….knitting is something that I used to do a lot especially when I was a student nurse but not something I have done for a long time BUT as with everything it’s not new …I want to learn something new all the time…hey it’s what life’s about as far as I’m concerned.

So the next question was would you like a loom? Errr YES!

“Great” was the reply “because  I have a floor loom that’s in a hundred bits. I just want rid of it, we need to make some space so you’re welcome to it – if you can work out how to put it back together”.


So I am now the proud owner of a Thorp Floor Loom (David Thorp was apparently an engineer who lived in Amberley and who has unfortunately passed away….pity I would have loved to have had the chance to meet him and talk about all things weaving).

So I don’t know how long it will be before the giant loom jigsaw puzzle is completed but it will be….gotta go on the list of things to do for now though……but at least it’s here.


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