All things Cheese……….

One of the things I’ve always fancied doing was to make my own cheese…I don’t know why…I suppose it’s a bit like most things…why not.I started off with what I consider to be one of the simplest ones – it’s relatively easy to make and can be produced in a short space of  time…..Mozzarella. Now we are not talking Buffalo milk here but the final product wasn’t too shabby (well in my opinion) and it worked out to be pretty economical . I estimate the amount I produced would have cost me double (so frugal too…I like that!)

So moving on to cheeses new… I would like to try cheeses that need pressing – something a little more substantial. For this equipment is needed …..

A cheese press…in steps hubby again.. (Mothers Day 2010).  I have gathered a variety of containers along the way since deciding to start making cheese.

Haven’t started the making yet so watch this space…..


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