Christmas 2010

Christmas was a quiet affair this year…we started off the day opening prezzies and then took the dogs down to the beach

Busy eh ?……It was lovely – how different from a Christmas in the UK….it never ceases to amaze me how different life is living out here.

I still find it weird to have Christmas in the warm…years of wintery Christmas will do that to you but it’s something I am happily getting used to.


Josh had a great time running about with the dogs…it was a good Christmas prezzie for them. Think they probably appreciated that more than some doggie treats …although given that they are both totally ruled by their stomachs they probably wouldn’t agree with that!


For lunch we decided to go a bit different this year with dinner …Seafood…….Never had seafood for Christmas before we’ve had BBQ’s on days that were warm and overcast and a roast on a day that was boiling (madness!).

Crayfish, Scallops (courtesy of our good friend Tony from one of his diving expeditions) and Prawns along with new potatoes (that we found in the garden!), Asparagus and salad. It was pretty warm so it wasn’t really roast weather (fortunately).

It was delicious….if 2011 is a hot christmas then roll on seafood again!


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