New Additions of the Ovine Kind…or sheep to the rest of us!

Well we added to our flock today (well that’s if you can call 2 a flock….I think it could be stretching the point a bit eh?).

Anyhoo we went and picked up 2 wethers and a ewe this afternoon and brought them back home…not that they had a particularly long journey (5 minutes max). Let them out into the paddock so that could find their way about and more importantly the water trough……

Baarbara was the welcoming committee…actually more of the “Let me tell you how it is” committee!! She was all over them like a rash…trying to split the ewe from the others and keep her away from them (am wondering whether Baarbara could have any sheep dog in her..she was pretty efficient at it!).

Poor little LOL didn’t have a clue what was going on all he saw was me and immediately thought BOTTLE!  A little later the ewe tried to have a sniff of LOL and was put in her place- it was made very clear to her (in no uncertain terms) that he was off limits by you know ewe (Oh give me a break!!!)….amazing that Baarbara is now so territorial over said lamb when she could care less the rest of the time.

Once we had established that LOL was safe we withdrew to let them do their thing and settle…later when I actually went to feed LOL they were all happily munching away so happy there.

The plan for these new additions..well the ewe or Margo as she is going to be known (well got to keep with the Good Life Theme haven’t we !!) gets to stay and we will breed from her………..The two boys – they will move to chillier parts of the farm in the not so distant future.


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