Get working when they’re young ….


…and then discuss with Grandad what you’ve been up to and what the next plan of attack is LOL!………It’s going to be a BIG job you know….


Seriously I’m not planning on shoving him up the chimney but our boy isn’t going to be a slacker…we want him to know exactly where his food comes from both meat and veg….and while he eager well I’m not going to put him off.


Look at him …little man is cleaning new potatoes out of our garden Angel


2 responses to “Get working when they’re young ….

  1. That is a realy cute little guy. Thanks for sharing.

  2. He is cute isn’t he…I know I’m biased 🙂
    The dates on this are old because I’m trying to put things where they belong in a timeline…I’m trying to get it so the boys could read this “as it happened” so to speak….I have notebooks with things written down so I’m transferring them here…so hope it doesn’t get too wierd for anyone who pops in.

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