Lake Tekapo and Lupins…

Lake Tekapo in December 2006….We arrived at the campsite on December 4th – right at the beginning of summer but still very cold (bearing in mind that the further South you go in New Zealand the nearer you are getting to the Antarctic).  We decided to have a weekend away and use the tent we had bought at the Royal Show in November…Little man was going to be one year old so we thought a camping trip would be fun for him as well.

When we arrived the lady running the site commented that she thought we were brave ..thought it was a strange thing for her to until I asked why and she said that it had only snowed 2 days prior to our arriving….well I didn’t know that and had I had any idea I wouldn’t have said we were brave I’d have said we were crackers !!!!!

Lake Tekapo is the most beautiful place …the Lake is stunning…the mountains are stunning….the down side (if you can call it a down side) to the area is you get sick of saying WOW!! 

While we were there Lupins started to make an appearance. Over the next few days they just kept coming until there were carpets of them….stunning to see.

They appeared……

Lake Tekapo 21

and they just kept coming…….

Lupins by Lake Tekapo


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